Why Is My Honeywell Alarm Beeping?

With the Honeywell alarm system, you can enjoy 24/7 protection, ensuring your home or office is safe from burglary and other emergencies, like carbon monoxide leaks and fire. However, if your security system beeps non-stop, it can disturb your sleep or work, which is annoying.

To help you, read on as we answer why your Honeywell alarm keeps beeping and how to troubleshoot them. And by the way, we also wrote a similar topic with DSC alarms. You may read it here.

1. AC Power Failure

The Honeywell alarm system will inform you when the AC power supply is interrupted. If this happens, the Honeywell alarm will beep continuously and display AC LOSS or NO AC.

Meanwhile, the beeping sound means the security system operates on a backup battery. While it happens randomly, this problem usually occurs after a power outage. To fix this problem, check the circuit breakers and ensure the fuse board is set to ON.

Check if the fuses require replacement and ensure the alarm power supply is ON and plugged in. But if you can’t restore the AC power and the system still display AC LOSS/NO AC, contact your security provider for assistance.

2. Chime Mode Activated

If the system is disarmed, your Honeywell alarm will beep when the Chime mode is activated. The Chime mode creates a three-tone sound when an open door or window is connected to the system. If the beeping sound annoys you, turn off the Chime mode.

But before you turn it off, check your windows and doors for any issues. To turn off the Chime mode, enter your 4-digit security code. Then, press 9 (CHIME) on the keypad. Once the Chime message isn’t displaying on the screen, you have successfully deactivated it.

3. Communication Failure

When your device displays COMM, FAILURE, or FC, the alarm system can’t send a signal or fails to communicate with the central station. If this error occurs, check if your phone line is working. The beeping may also stop by arming your system.

Another way to stop the beeping is to open a device, so the system will alarm. If you do so, it will transmit a signal to the central station, clearing the communication failure. But if your line connection is working, contact your security provider to check for other issues.

4. Faulty Wiring

The Honeywell alarm will beep continues when there’s a broken, worn, or cut wire. If your device displays the message CHECK 70, BELL FAILURE, or FAULT, it means the external sounder has faulty wiring. To fix this problem, check the wiring condition of your security alarm.

If you have a voltmeter, test the wiring for any problems. But if you know nothing about electricity, hire a professional electrician instead.

5. Low Battery System

In case of AC power failure, your security alarm will operate through a backup battery. But as time goes by, the system backup battery will drain and require replacement. If this happens, contact your security provider for system battery replacement.

When the system has a low battery, it will create a short or rapid beeping and display a message SYSTEM LO BAT or LOWBAT without a zone number.

6. Low Battery Wireless Sensor

Your Honeywell alarm system wireless sensors have batteries, like the keypad and smoke detectors. It also has a personal emergency transmitter with a battery life usually lasting 1 to 4 years or more based on environmental factors.

If the wireless sensor battery has exceeded its average life span, hire a professional technician for replacement. You can also stop the low-battery warning beep by pressing the OFF key on the keypad or activating the sensors by closing or opening a window or door.

7. Telephone Line Issues

If your security alarm displays CHECK 94 or TELCO FAULT, it indicates your telephone line is not working. If so, disconnect the phone line control by removing the plug from the phone wall jack.

If you’ve disconnected the control and the phone line is still not working, the issue lies with the telephone line. Nonetheless, you have a defective control if it’s working. Thus, contact your security provider for repair.

8. Zone Issues

There are varying designated zones, like the kitchen window and front door, protected by the Honeywell alarm system thru sensing devices. If there’s an issue in one or more protected zones, the keypad will produce a rapid beeping. Also, it will display a CHECK or FAULT message, requiring your immediate attention. 

You can silence the beeping by pressing any key on the keypad and ensuring the displayed zone is unharmed. After fixing the issue, enter the OFF sequence twice (security code + OFF) to remove the CHECK of FAULT message.