Honeywell Thermostat Blinking Cool On

Does your Honeywell thermostat keep blinking Cool On for a long time? If it does, but it’s not blowing any cool air, you’re in the right place. When your Honeywell thermostat displays Cool On for over 5 minutes, and it’s not getting cool, your unit might have a problem.

Fortunately, it’s a common issue in air conditioning, and some troubleshooting tips can help solve your problem. So read on as we share why your Honeywell Thermostat blinking “cool on” and simple troubleshooting tips.

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What does Cool On mean?

The “Cool On” display on the Honeywell thermostat is an operation mode wherein your AC unit is processing to release cool air. It can also mean the AC unit loses power. This safety feature will flash for around 5 minutes and stop once the cool air is returned, giving the compressor enough time to heat up the system unit. But if your Honeywell thermostat blinks cool on for too long and you can’t feel any cool air, it may indicate other issues.

Troubleshooting Honeywell Thermostat Blinking Cool On

Turn down the Thermostat to the Lowest Temperature

First, check if your system is cooling by turning the thermostat to the lowest temperature. Next, check the mode if it’s set to Cool and ensure the fan is set to Auto. Then, wait an hour if cool air is blowing from your vents. If not, proceed to the next step.

Check Thermostat Mode

The blinking Cool On issue usually occurs if your Honeywell thermostat is in the wrong setting. This is often caused by a recent power outage, where the thermostat switches to Setup mode. If you see this message, change the settings, ensure the thermostat time is correct, and the problem will be resolved in minutes.

Change the Batteries

Another reason why the thermostat keeps blinking Cool On is due to dying batteries. If the thermostat doesn’t have sufficient power, it will not operate efficiently. So check if the thermostat displays a “Battery Low Indicator” message. If you see this, the unit only has two (2) months of power left.

Ensure the AC unit has power.

If the above troubleshooting steps don’t work, the next step is to check if there’s power. Check if everything is powered up, including the thermostat batteries and indoor and outdoor devices. Ensure to check everything from the connections and sockets to circuit breakers and power supplies. Also, check for unusual sounds or a blown fuse.

Examine Air Filter

One of the common cause factors of AC unit issues is clogged or dirty air filters. Moreover, it can reduce the AC unit’s longevity and increase energy bills. The air filter can be changed every three (3) months. But if you have allergies or pets, you should change the air filter often.

Inspect AC Coils

Like air filters, dirty air conditioning coils may cause the Honeywell thermostat to blink cool on. It’s often the source of the problem since they’re not regularly checked, unlike filters. Clean any debris or dirt if the coils are dirty, and the system fins to resolve the issue.

Reset the Thermostat

If all else fails, the last thing you can do is reset the thermostat. Similar to all devices and machines, a simple reset can resolve any issue. Before you do that, remember your preferred settings and programming since they will be wiped out once you reset the unit. But if the problem is still flashing, call an HVAC professional to do the work for you.