What is Threads by Instagram?

Whether you’re a social media influencer or looking for more ways to grow your business, Facebook and Instagram are the best platform to achieve your goal. Recently, a new networking app that works a bit similar to Twitter was released by Meta, which is called Threads.

With its launch, Threads has garnered 30 million sign-ups for a short period, which may affect Twitter a lot. In addition, ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he faced backlash, angering many users by imposing a temporary limit on the content they can view daily.

But what is Threads by Instagram? How does it work and differ from Twitter? To find out, read on as we share everything we know about the Threads app.

What is Threads?

Threads is a newly launched app by Meta, which owns Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. It’s designed by the team of Instagram and looks similar to Twitter. This new platform allows real-time conversations with the public, where users can create text-based posts with photos and videos. Threads also feature the current navigation system and design of Instagram and enable users to share posts directly from Threads to Instagram stories.

Therefore, Threads is a great alternative to Twitter, especially after Elon irked many Twitter users. Most of all, Threads allows seamless integration with Instagram. So users with verified Instagram accounts will have automatically verified Threads accounts. Lastly, users can decide to keep their Threads account private or public.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Threads provide a friendly and alternative space for public conversation. It aims to offer the best of Instagram and provide a new experience, allowing users to share their thoughts and ideas thru text, photos, and videos. Although users experienced some issues and occasional glitches when loading the content after the app was launched, it’s only temporary since millions of users are signing up.

What do Threads offer?

With Threads by Instagram, users can create text-based posts with a 500-character limit. Users can also include links, photos, and up to 5-minute-long videos. Aside from that, users can message their close friends in a private space, create group chats, personalize their privacy settings, and switch accounts seamlessly. Users can also unfollow, restrict, report, and block other profiles.

How to sign up for Threads?

As of July 6, 2023, Threads is being rolled out in over 100 countries worldwide. It’s available in over 30 languages thru Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users can sign up on Threads thru their Instagram accounts using the same username, password, and account name. Nonetheless, they can still edit their bio on Threads to make it more unique. Since it allows seamless integration, users can import the accounts they follow on Instagram to Threads.

Meanwhile, leaving Threads is not that easy. But users can temporarily deactivate their account thru the app’s settings. According to the company’s privacy policy, the Threads account can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account. Like Instagram, Threads also collect data about the users’ location, contact information, and browsing history, which raised concerns for some users.

On the other hand, Threads automatically creates private profiles for users under 18 or 16 in other countries. Furthermore, Threads has the same privacy features as Instagram, where users can approve who can follow them, block, or report other profiles. Thus, it’s up to you whether to use Threads or not.