Ways To Transfer Files from Smartphone to Computer

Wondering how to transfer files from your smartphone to your computer? If yes, you’ve landed on the right spot. Whether it’s a document, picture, or video, there are many ways to transfer your files from one device to another, so you can edit or save them later.

If you’re having trouble with that, read on as we share the different ways to transfer files from smartphone to computer with ease.

Ways To Transfer Files from Smartphone to Computer

Via USB Cable

The most common way to transfer files from a smartphone to a computer, or vice versa, is thru a USB cable. When you purchase a new phone, it usually comes with a USB cable for charging or connecting your device to a computer. So all you have to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Unlock your smartphone and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Once connected, a notification will appear, indicating your device is charging via USB.
  3. Click the notification to see the list of options for the USB connection.
  4. Next, select MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or File Transfer.
  5. Your smartphone will now appear on your computer’s File Explorer, allowing you to transfer files.
  6. Then, remove the USB cable after you’ve completed transferring your files.


Another way to transfer your files from smartphone to computer is via a USB OTG (on the go). But unlike USB cables, you don’t have to connect your smartphone to a computer to transfer files. With USB OTG, you only need the USB flash drive to connect to your smartphone. Open your device File Manager and transfer the files from your smartphone to the USB flash drive.

Afterward, you can connect the USB OTG to your computer to transfer files. However, your device should support OTG to apply this method. Also, the USB OTG should match your device’s USB port, or you’ll need an adapter.

Via Bluetooth

Now, if you’re in for wireless connectivity, another classic way to transfer files is thru Bluetooth. But sending files via Bluetooth is a bit slow, especially for large files. So we suggest trying other methods. Meanwhile, if it’s the only applicable method for your devices, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and computer. Also, make them discoverable to other devices.
  2. Pair your smartphone and computer to transfer files via Bluetooth.
  3. After pairing your devices, open the Settings of your Windows 11 computer.
  4. Tap Bluetooth & Devices and select Devices.
  5. Allow your computer to send or receive files via Bluetooth.
  6. Under Bluetooth File Transfer, select Receive files to transfer your files from smartphone to computer. If you want to transfer files from your computer to your smartphone, choose Send files.
  7. Open your smartphone File Manager and select the files you want to transfer.
  8. Click the Share button and select Bluetooth.
  9. A notification will appear on your computer requesting approval for transfer.
  10. Approve the transfer to receive the files from your smartphone.

Via Cloud Service (Dropbox/Google Drive/One Drive)

If you still want to transfer your files thru wireless connectivity without hassle, the best method you can try is via Cloud Services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. With Cloud, you can transfer files from your smartphone to your computer using an internet connection. To do so, follow the step below:

  1. Download your preferred Cloud Service both on your smartphone and computer.
  2. Share or add the data to the Cloud Service using your smartphone.
  3. Then, open the Cloud Service on your computer to access the data.